We have created a new laminated stock using the BRX design that has a parallel bottom on the fore-end and butt.  This will be a great stock for long range light guns and rimfires.  Semi inletted blanks are made of laminated birch and have great colors.  


Raw stocks ready for finish and inletting

Example of a finished stock.  This one is finished with an automotive clearcoat.



The BRX laminate is $499 + shipping for the colors and inletting as described below and includes a fitted buttplate.


Raw laminate with duplication marks sanded.


Stocks were designed around the custom actions used in today's benchrest rigs.  The way I am currently getting them they are Semi-inletted.  The barrel channeland a 1.35 round action area is cut in.  Most any action can be put into a round inletted stock.  There is plenty of material to cut it out for anything else, therefore that is what I have most of in stock.  The bolt notch, port dropdown and bolt stop cuts will need to be made by the customer.  Currently, we are too busy building actions to do any finish inletting.  That may change in the future, but for now your gunsmith will have to put on the finishing touches.


Most of the stocks are a color and gray mix.  We have red, blue, green, brown, purple and a few other mixes.  Call for what we have.

This page was last updated on 10/27/16.