Instruction Pages and Drawings for Tenons etc

Here are some drawings for the barrel tenons, scope ring installations etc.  Here is also the instructions for each action.  Just hit the link and a .PDF or text file will appear.

Viper/Cobra/Rattler/Diamondback Instructions

Standard Viper/Cobra/Rattler Barrel Tenon Lot A and B

Standard Viper/Cobra/Rattler/Diamondback Barrel Tenon, New Lot C

Drop Port Viper/Cobra Barrel Tenon, Lot A and B

Drop Port Viper/Cobra/Diamondback Barrel Tenon, New Lot C

Python Instructions

Python Barrel Tenon

Predator  Instructions

Predator/TAC/TAC338  Barrel Tenon

TAC408 Barrel Tenon

2500X Instructions

2500X Coned Barrel Tenon

2500X Slotted Barrel Tenon

2500XR Small Barrel Tenon

2500XR Large Barrel Tenon

Drop Port Explanation

Offset Scope Ring Installation

Inletting Diagram for Drop Port Funnel

Neck Turner Instructions

Tuner Instructions

Scope Hole Locations for Predator and Diamondback

Moving Backer Pictures and Instructions

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