Viper Action Details

The Viper was our original and still most popular action designed for competition or varmint use.  It is our premier competition series aluminum action.  It has a flat bottom, very stiff cross-section, nicely beveled port and a durable hard anodized finish.  It uses a bolt length the same as the short Remington action.  Although mainly used in short range benchrest in a 10.5 lb gun, it works well for long range shooters.  Highpower shooters are starting to use this action with our Anschutz trigger adaptor.  Many varmint hunters also like this action if shooting from a bench because it is available in both right and left bolt, and right and left port configurations.  It is also available with our Drop Port feature for the PPC and BR cases.  It works well for cartridges from the small 223 based cases to the 300 WSM.  It is the standard by which all of our other actions are measured. 

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