SPF Tactical Actions

These actions are suitable for tactical use.

Although other SPF actions may also be suitable, these are the ones we recommend.  These and the Predator actions are the only actions we make in repeater models.

TACTICAL 30, 300, 338 and 408 Actions

Tactical Series Actions
The Tactical line of actions are designed for tactical types of use.  It is a drop in replacement for the Remington 700 series actions.  The TACTICAL 30 will fit any stock for a short action, the TACTICAL 300 for a long. TACTICAL 30 actions have 223 and 308 boltfaces, TACTICAL 300 actions have 308 or magnum boltfaces.  The TACTICAL 338 is specifically designed for the 338 Lapua Magnum or 378 Weatherby based cartridges and is a little larger.  The TACTICAL 408 is bigger yet and designed for the 408 Cheytac size cases.

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