Python Action Details

The Python is our BIG action designed for competition or varmint use.  It is our premier competition series aluminum action for BIG cartridges or BIG barrels.  It has a large flat bottom, very stiff cross-section, nicely beveled port and a durable hard anodized finish.  It uses a bolt length the same as the long Remington action, but is larger in diameter.  Although mainly used for long range benchrest in a 17 lb gun, it works well for long range varmint shooters too.  It works well for cartridges from the 308 based cases to the 408 Cheytac.   Cases as small as the BR can be used, as well as the popular 338 Lapua magnum and the large Weatherby cases.  Because it is a large action, a large stock and barrel tenon is required.  Shehane Tracker and Tooley MBR series stocks work perfect.  A minimum of 1.25 diameter is required on the chamber end of the barrel.  It comes with a recoil lug.

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