Predator® and TAC Differences

There are very few differences between the TAC and the Predator actions.  Here they are: 

  • The bottom cutout on repeaters

    • The Predator short and long, 308 and magnum boltfaces have an extended loading box cutout.  The cut is 0.130 longer than a standard Remington.  It will take Wyatt's Outdoor or HS Precision extended boxes.

    • The 223 boltface Predator, TAC30 and TAC300 series actions have the standard cutout and will take a Remington box as is.

  • Scope holes

    • The Predator XP, short and long action has 6 - 48 TPI screw holes.

    • All TAC actions and the Predator Xtreme have 8 - 40 TPI screw holes.

  • Bolt Knob, all threaded on

    • Predator and Predator Xtreme have small teardrop.

    • All TAC actions have larger tactical knob anodized black.

  • Finish Color

    • Predator and Predator Xtreme are matte finished stainless

    • All TAC actions have black oxide finished stainless.

  • TAC338 and Predator Xtreme

    • Same action except color and name.  Both have universal cutout on bottom for either AI magazine or Weatherby box

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This page was last updated on 05/28/09 .