Predator® Special Action Details

Predator V


Predator® Special Actions

The Predator special actions are designed for specific purpose use.

The Predator V is an action designed for the varmint hunter that shoots from a bench or the lower end benchrest shooter.  It is available in right bolt left port short action only with 223 or 308 bolfaces.  It has a coned bolt, a special designed bolt knob and a little tighter fit on the bolt.  Shown in top 2 pics

The P1000 is designed for the long range competition shooter and works great in F-Class also.  It is available in right bolt, left load, right eject only, long and short, 308 and mag faces.  It is available in 1.35 and 1.55 diameters.  Both actions have our standard benchrest 1.0625 x 18TPI x 1.115 headspace tenon to help hold the heavier longer barrels used in this competition.  Shown in bottom pics

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