Cobra Action Details (no longer available)

The Cobra is a short aluminum single shot action designed for competition or varmint use.  It is just a Viper that has a half inch cut out of the middle.  Note the size difference in the above picture.  It uses a bolt length the same as the XP100 Remington action.  It is mainly used in short range benchrest in a 10.5 lb gun using a PPC or BR based cartridge.  Many varmint hunters using short cartridges also like this action if shooting from a bench because it is available in both right and left bolt, and right and left port configurations.  It is also available with our Drop Port feature for the PPC and BR cases.  It works well for cartridges from the small face 223 to the 30 BR.  It is the action to have for the shooter that prefers a flat bottom aluminum action that is shorter.

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