Predator XT  Billet AR15 Lowers

Our new Predator XT Billet AR lowers will be the state of the art foundation for your new gas gun project.  We researched far and wide to determine what exactly the perfect AR lower should be, and this is what we came up with.  First we determined that we had to go billet.  That was going to be the only way we could offer the features we wanted to include.  After a painstaking study, we found that the best combination of stiffness, strength and toughness was offered by high performance aircraft alloy that is used in military fighter jet structures.  We found a California metals distributor to supply us with it.  It is 7050-T7651.  It is almost twice as strong as 6061-T6 and has better crack toughness then 7075.  It was the best thing we could find, so that is what we used. 

As for the design, we started with the Mil-Spec drawing and added the features we deemed necessary.  In order to add stiffness, ribbing in the magwell area was added in a truss pattern as was a full lower trigger guard.  The magwell was next.  It was designed with additional flare for easy mag insertion and sized to allow all the new Magpul PMAG to drop free.  Rather then machine or broach the magwell, we are using wire EDM technology to more exactly control the size and exact position for flawless feeding.  We then added a finger grip area in the front to help control the weapon when holding with the offhand on the magwell.  To help keep the uppers tight, we very closely control all the pin locations and mating surfaces.  A nylon tipped screw was added under the rear pin to load the upper to keep it tight.  All the edges and inner corners have been chamfered or rounded for ergonomics and additional strength.  The stock boss on the back was also beefed up to add strength.  A small setscrew was added for the rear pin spring to help stock installation.   After all that, a Mil-Spec type III 2 mil thick hard anodize is performed for excellent surface wear and looks by one of the defense industries top suppliers.  

Predator XT Features Summary

7050-T7651 aluminum super alloy, very high stiffness, strength and toughness

X-Rib magwell stiffeners and machined in trigger guard, adding overall strength and stiffness

Flared magwell that is wire EDM cut for exact size and alignment for Drop Free use of Magpul PMAG

Machined in grip pad on front of lower for extra control of weapon during use

Extra beefy stock boss for added strength, stiffness and less chance of breakage

Setscrew to help retain rear pin spring to ease stock installation

Nylon tipped screw to tighten against upper for better fit to upper

Type III hard anodize for excellent wear and looks

Marked for multi-caliber use and specified as other to ATF so that it can be used for pistol or rifle

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Side view of the Predator XT AR lowers.  Top has DPMS kit installed, bottom is prior to hardcoat
Magwell flare, grip area on end in left pic.  Upper mating screw and setscrew threads in stock boss in right pic
Machining steps:

Far back, step 1.  Billet block of aluminum, almost 7 lbs.

Back right, step 2:  Side one complete          Back left, step 3:  Side two complete

Front right, step 4:  All interior machining complete          Front left, step 5:  Magwell wire EDM cut

Front, step 6:  Hand deburred, machine tumbled, hand blasted and ready for hardcoat