Detachable Bottom Metal (DBM) Details

Our new detachable bottom metal is a revolution in the detachable market.  We asked many different disiplines of shooters what they wanted in a detachable and this is what we came up with.  If you want the best performing and strongest system available on the market today, look no futher. 


  • Billet aluminum construction for strength Mil Spec Type 3 hard anodized for uncompromised performance

  • Flared magwell to quickly guide battle proven Accuracy International magazines for flawless performance and quick changes in competition

  • Computer analyzed truss pattern reduces weight will still retaining strength and torsional stiffness

  • Material above and below the stock line much better control the magazine and allow a better fit while still being aligned

  • 10 round 223, 5 and 10 round 308 centerfeed and 10 round 308 double stack mags availableThe double stack mags wont work in the standard Remington action, but are perfectly suited for dedicated actions like our new TACTICAL 30 A/W.

  • Works with all commonly available triggers

  • Exact fit pillars and screws included to ensure a perfect fit and easy installation

  • NO SPECIAL INLET is required on the tang ends like our competition has.  This will fit into a standard BDL bottom inlet in most stocks with their pillars if they use them (must meet remington specified depths).  The only cutting needed is around the mgazine box.  We have also added material in this area such that a high precision cut is not needed.  The overhang covers up small imperfections in the cut area.

  • The short action DBM is currently available with the long action coming soon



Notice the flared magwell and truss pattern

Notice the supplied pillars

Notice the flared magwell

Installed in McMillan A3-5 stock with 10 round AW magazine

Bottom view installed in McMillan A3-5

Installed in McMillan A3-5 stock without magazine

What more could anyone ask for???

This page was last updated on 10/30/11.