About Stiller's Precision Firearms, LLC

Our Quest:

To supply the best quality components at a reasonable price without the long delivery typical of our competition. We believe that everybody wins when the customer can purchase the best available parts and services for a competitive price without a long wait.


SPF will strive to build the highest precision actions available in the world today. We will not be happy unless each and every product we sell is the best. We will buy necessary machinery, consult any expert or do whatever it takes to improve the quality and availability of our products. We will build to suit the demand and plan to have actions and complete rifles on the shelf for the customer that wants immediate delivery. We will also provide custom variations for the OEM customer, providing that quality or performance will not sacrificed. Of course, there will be a short additional delivery time.


Curtis Jerry


Daewoo Puma 200 LC

with  Curtis Helton, VP/Master Machinist

Cincinnati Milacron Sabre 750

with  Jerry Stiller, President/Engineer

Brick Building

with Russ Rosene, Office/Sales


Guns and Fun Stuff

with The Crew


About half of our equipment

with  The Shop

SPF has purchased state-of-the-art CNC machinery to build all of our parts. All parts are made to the tightest tolerances possible on the machinery used. We currently use nearly 20 CNC machining centers and CNC lathes.  In addition to the conventional methods, we use three Mitsubishi wire EDM machines to cut the bolt holes and raceways in our steel actions.  We drill our action bodies on an Eldorado M75 Gundrill in house also.  One of the ways that we are able to supply the best and highest quality parts for the prices we do is by having that many machines.  We very seldom have to tear down and set up machines for different parts.  Three Haas VF2's, the Doosan 3016, the Infinity 4220, the Puma 200LC and two wire EDMs are dedicated to making Predator/TAC bodies only and the setups never change.  That saves you both time and money and keeps the quality up by being able to closely monitor what's happening in the parts.  Our programming is also very streamlined.  We make use of all the macro features of the CNC language to make our parts with extreme consistency and modularity.  All actions that have the same features use subroutines to create them such that when a change occurs, all the actions that use that feature are updated automatically, even though they may be different models or customers.  This makes a better product that is easier to maintain and better for the customer.

Only the high performance coatings and heat treating processes are subcontracted. Both are performed to the highest military specs for quality and performance. All material is certified and chosen for its specific purpose using computer analysis and classical material properties. All design is done on computer systems using ProEngineer, a state-of-the-art solid modeling design tool used in the defense, aircraft and auto industries. A complete structural analysis using Computer Finite Element methods was used to optimize material heat treat conditions and safety factors.

This yields a no-compromise state-of-the-art product with superior performance and the flexibility to meet any customer's demands.

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